Thai Park

Today me, Food Buddy #1 and Food Buddy #2 went to Thai Park the first time ever and I’m absolutely in love with this place! Every weekend Thai people are gathering at the Preußenpark in Wilmersdorf to sell marvelous and authentic street food. I felt like being in Asia with all those Thai people sitting on plastic chairs with their colorful sunshades. Everyone looks so happy there! 

Starting of with the noodle soup that I had for 5€. The broth was extremely flavorful, the meet tender and the noodles nice and soft. This soup was so photogenic, I took like hundreds of photos of it. :D That soup stand was always packed and I highly recommend you to try this!

My food buddy #1 got some chicken wings and pork chops. The pork chops were but the chicken wings were a bit too greasy for me. 

Food buddy #2 got some thai sausages, crispy pork and a portion of sticky rice. So good! The sausages had a light sourly flavour and were extremely soft and tender. 

Here my Food buddy #1 again who got a papaya salad (5€) which stilinberlin has recommended. The salad reminded me of the vietnamese „Nom“ salad. I was never a big fan of those kind of salads but Mr. Foodie #1 absolutely loved it. It’s crunchy, salty, sweet and super refreshing!

Foodie #2 and me shared a Cendol. Cendol is an Asian dessert with jelly noodles made of rice flour and green food colouring, coconut milk and some ice cubes. Sometimes they also put beans in or other jelly pieces in different shapes and colors. What I really love about Cendol is that it’s usually not too sweet and super refreshing. 

I recommend to bring a picnic blanket so you can hang out in the park, lay, sit, and eat all day. And if you're environmentally conscious also bring some Tupperware containers to avoid all that plastic shit. 

This place can’t be any more authentic I think, they even sell insects and worms!