Berlin Food Guide

After moving to Amsterdam I really started to appreciate the food in Berlin since eating out in Amsterdam is pretty expensive. Or maybe it’s better to say that food in Berlin is extremely cheap compared to other cities and countries. Whenever I’m in Amsterdam I’m already making a list about things I want to eat the next time when I’m planning to go to Berlin. I really don’t care about parties and clubs in Berlin at all but I’m absolutely more about the food here. So here is my list of selected things you should eat! Some of the food pics are made with my phone. I hope you don’t mind the bad quality of my foodporn but I can’t bother my eating buddies to wait for me until I took the perfect shot with my DSLR.

Auguststraße 29 c, 10119 Berlin 

True classic among food bloggers I think. I recommend to make a reservation if possible. I had the Bulgogi Burger with marinated beef, lettuce, red onions, chili-mayo korean chili-base and it was so delicious and flavorful! Don’t ask me if this burger wasn’t too spicy since I can eat quite hot. And the sweet potato fries and the twisted potato are fantastic. The burger is quite small so if you’re a hungry person either order two burgers or more side dishes. Highly recommended! 

Herzbergstraße 128-139, 10365 Berlin

This is more an insider tip. The Dong Xuan Center is something like a vietnamese mall with lots of warehouses which fulfill all your needs concerning asian food. If you’re looking for authentic good vietnamese food, asian supermarkets, cheap china plastic crap or a new fancy and cheap hair cut this is the place to go! I went for the classic Bún chả which is grilled pork with rice vermicelli. This plate is supposed to be for one person but I shared it with my food buddy since I think it’s pretty big. 

Cocolo Ramen
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39 - 40, 10999 Berlin

I’m a huge fan of all kinds of noodle soups so Cocolo Ramen was a must. Nothing could ever beat a flavorful fresh broth and ramen noodles. They also have rice dishes which my food buddy tried and it was amazing as well. To each ramen soup they serve a homemade lemonade. 

Oranienstr. 170, 10999 Berlin

Unfortunately the food on this photo doesn’t look as good as it tasted but seriously this was one of the highlights of my last stay in Berlin! Me and my food buddy shared Super Taco De Alambre and it was perfectly enough. The meat was tender and nicely seasoned. You can ask for an extra spicy hot sauce which we did and I seriously burned my mouth which is great. I can eat quite spicy so I get a bit disappointed when things are called spicy and all I feel is a little tickle on my tongue. But this hot sauce did its job! I will definitely come back to try other things. Everything on the menu just sounds so delicious!

Warschauer Strasse 27a, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain

You might have heard about the famous Mustafa’s Gemüsekebap on Mehringdamm where more than half an hour wait is normal. I don’t understand how you can spend so much time in Berlin with waiting for a f*ckin kebap since Berlin is the metropolis of kebaps. Anyway, there are lot’s of other Gemüsekebap shops in Berlin now. A Gemüsekebap is different to a normal one: Usually you get chicken instead of lamb and besides lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and onions you get grilled vegetables like potatoes, eggplant, courgette and carrots topped off with some cheese.  After eating this Kebap I never want to eat any normal kebap again! The composition of the grilled veggies, sauces (they also have hummus), the cheese, and the flavor of the meat is absolutely fantastic. Seriously, this is the most premium fast food you can get. Here you don’t have any long waiting line and the prices are reasonable as well (3,50€ per kebap, dürüm is 4,50€). Go to Warschauerstraße and get some beers at the Kaisers supermarket (which is open 24/7 btw). Then walk 100 meters further and there is this place of heaven. 

Korean food: Arirang and Kimchi Princess
Uhlandstraße 194, 10623 Berlin
Skalitzer Str. 36/Manteuffelstr. 10999 Berlin

I’ve tried them both and they’re all good! 

Arirang looks like a real authentic asian restaurant. The interior is minimalistic and I wouldn’t say dirty but this restaurant has this kind of shabby charm (NO OFFENSE, THIS IS NOTHING BAD). To each meal you get a set of different kind of pickled veggies, including some kimchi of course. We’ve ordered the Bibimbap and one was perfectly enough for two! 
The Kimchi Princess is fancier and you definitely have to make a reservation because everytime I go there it’s extremely busy. You can easily make it online on their website. The food there is fantastic as well and in terms of price very reasonable. I’ve ordered a pancake with seafood because I was not as hungry and this was supposed to be a little starter. I ended up getting a huge plate with lots of shrimps. Watch out for the Bibimpap since this can be quite spicy for people who are not used to it. And I think korean food is perfect for going with lots of people. You can easily share your dishes and enjoy more different meals. 

Gaststätte Zum Bären
Am Tierpark 66, 10319 Berlin

What I love about German food is that it reminds me of my childhood. It was only possible for me to eat classic German dishes in Kindergarten or at school like Königsberger Klopse, Eier in Senfsauce or Rinderroulade. Zum Bären is an absolute insider’s tip and probably not as popular. Here you can get authentic and delicious German cuisine at very fair and reasonable prices. I highly recommend Haxe which is a massive chunk of meat: crispy outside and tender inside. Just how I want meat to be. Also the Rinderroulade is fantastic as well. Go and eat German food, it’s awesome!

Tucholskystraße 37, 10117 Berlin

Are you looking for a dessert? This place serves wonderful cakes! They have a big range of different kind of cheesecakes and even a savoury Quiche. They highly recommend to try their NY Cheesecake but I went for the buttermilk lemon cake and my food buddy chose the lemon tarte. I’ve never eaten something which was as airy and light as this cake! It was almost like foam melting on my tongue. This place maybe sounds like a girly coffee and cake place but it is definitely worth a try, even „as a real man“. 

Falckensteinstr. 4, 10997 Berlin

This is that kind of place you go if you want to take a hipster picture for your Instagram (which I did btw, lol) but it’s just sooo good! They have lot’s of different nice flavors and the shape of them really makes it fun to eat (and to take photos of it). Also lot’s of vegan stuff and most important: very refreshing (and hipster)!