Lanifoodie: Imbiss 204 Berlin

Prenzlauer Allee 204
10405 Berlin

Here: Kalbsrollbraten (seasonal) for 14,90€

If you’d ask me about my favorite restaurant ‚Imbiss204‘ must be one of them. I freakin’ love German cuisine and this little restaurant offers great German classic dishes for reasonable prices and the portions are f*ckin’ massive, I’m not kidding! 

Unfortunately reservations are not possible and usually this place is very busy. The restaurants only offers maybe 16 seats in total but you can also get takeout. If you already know that you won’t be able to finish your whole meal I recommend to ask for a little extra plate so that you can take the leftovers home. 

Top: Tafelspitz mit Senfkruste (seasonal) 14,90€
Bottom: 3 Bouletten ‚meatballs‘ 9,90€

The ‚Bouletten' is probably one of their bestsellers. These meatballs are so freakin’ tender, it’s like effortless chewing lol. F*ckin’ amazing!!! 

Top: Wiener Schnitzel (small) 9,90€
Bottom: Leberkäse 7,90€

If you order the Schnitzel and you have a normal appetite I’d recommend you to go for the small size as this is already big enough I think. I saw people ordering the big Schnitzel and they really regretted it because it was massive! The Leberkäse was amazing as well, really nice and tender! I will definitely go back to this place again until I’ve tried the whole menu lol. They also have Käsespätzle which I might wanna try next time when I’m there. Can highly recommend this little restaurant, it’s awesome!