Lanifoodie: Imren Grill

Boppstraße 10
10967 Berlin

I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this place so I decided to check it out. Overall: Food was good. Unfriendly staff. Won’t go there again.

The Döner meat is very unique and it’s not the typical kind of meat you’d get at normal Döner snackbar in Berlin. It’s a bit dryer than usual Kebap meat but it’s not bad. The texture and flavour is just very different to what I’m used to. For some people it’s ‚the best Döner ever‘. For me it was just okay, but not the best.
I ordered the ‚Gemischter Grillteller with rice, salad and sauce‘ where you get a varied range of different grilled meat pieces such as lamb, kebap, chicken, Köfte and Adana. The meat was really good, especially the chicken was nice and tender. I’m usually not a fan of chicken but this one I really liked!
They served the meat with some rice which was absolutely amazing! I really loved the rice. I expected some normal dry and tough rice but this one was so nicely seasoned! 

The staff was rather unfriendly, they seemed to be unorganized, stressed and I didn’t really feel welcome. Our meal took a lot longer to prepare for some reason. I saw that most of the customers got some bread so I asked a waiter if I could get some bread as well to snack in the meantime while waiting. The waiter simply ignored my request and I never received any bread lol. This restaurant felt so extremely cold and unpleasant I will never go back again. The food was good but nothing special that you wouldn’t get anywhere else in Berlin.