Food Review: Zola

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40
10999 Berlin

This cozy pizza place is a bit hidden in a backyard close to Cocolo Ramen in Kreuzberg. They serve Neapolitan style pizzas with a pretty thick crust. I’m usually not difficult when it comes to pizza. All Italians will probably cringe now but as much as I’m pretending to be a foodie, I’m actually that type of person who’s already happy with a Wagner frozen pizza or that (shitty) 2€ pizza you can get at any Döner shop.
Anyway, after visiting Zola I realized how different the pizza styles can vary from region to region. This pizza was so different to those thin and crispy crusts I’m more used to. It’s thick, dense and has these funny burned bubbles giving a nice smoky flavor to it. All pizzas are loaded with perfectly melted cheese and the pizza sauce is super flavorful. 
I love their industrial interior. If you walk downstairs you can see all their fresh herbs which they’re planting themselves and dozens cans of tomato sauce. I really liked this place but I’d still prefer to eat a thinner and crispier type of pizza. Would still recommend this place for all pizza lovers who want to try something different!