Food Review: Angry Chicken

Oranienstraße 16
10999 Berlin

Me and my Food-Buddy we love chicken wings but for some reason Angry Chicken was never high on our to-do list. Anyway, we spontaneously went there for a little snack after work and it was sooo good!
We ordered the Furious super spicy chicken wings (M 6x 6€), a small miso soup (2,50€) and those weird sweet potato chips (3€). I didn’t read the menu properly and thought they were normal sweet potato fries but instead I got these weird thin and wobbly sweet potato flakes which were not even crispy. Luckily the staff was so nice and gave me a new portion of normal fries when I told him about the misunderstanding. Thumbs up for their nice and understanding staff members! 
The chicken wings... OMG SOOO GOOD. Nice and spicy, tender and the marinade tastes amazing. I even dipped my fries into that sauce because I didn’t want to waste any of it lol. 
I also ordered a small Miso soup which ended up being the biggest bowl of Miso soup I’ve ever had in my life haha. I wonder how big the large one is if the small one is already big to me?? Also the portion of fries which I forgot to take a picture from was massive. 
Totally recommend this place! Good portions and great flavor! (Just don’t order these weird chips). I’ll definitely come back and try more things from their menu!